Clean Hearting Challenge

Have the last two years left you exhausted and burnt-out, causing you to neglect yourself and the healthy habits you had in the past? Maybe you have a passion for serving God and loving others, but these times have left you weary and wondering if anything will ever change. You are not alone!

God sees you and has more for you. Join us as we kick off 2022 with the Clean Hearting Challenge. For 21 Days we’ll practice inside-out wellness. You’ll learn more than how to just train hard and eat clean because what’s in your heart is more important than what’s on your plate.

Lay aside your calorie counters and pick up what counts most – God’s Word doing its good work in your heart so you can live out love with your body.

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If you know you don’t need another passing diet trend, but you long for freedom in your body, this 21-day Clean Hearting Challenge is just for you!

• Train to be mindful of what goes into your body, how you move your body, and most importantly, how you honor God with your body.
• Learn how to be proactive in your health. How you think and how you fuel your body have a big impact on your health. You don’t have to simply react to sickness, you can work to prevent it!
• Learn to apply God’s Word to your whole self – heart, mind, soul, and body.
• Practice inside out wellness – because Jesus said what comes out of our mouths is connected to what we are storing up in our hearts. (Matthew 12:34)

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A donation of any amount to Revelation Wellness gets you into this challenge! There is no donation amount too big or too small to participate. We suggest a $10 minimum tax-deductible donation to join the Clean Hearting Challenge, but give however you feel led!  

Sign-ups close Thursday, January 6.
Challenge begins Monday, January 10. 

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