2021 Temple Cleanse Consecration

Join Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, under the leadership of Pastor Dr. Byron L. Benton, as we invite God into our daily routine and pursuit of wholeness. 

This 40-Day fast incorporates prayer, diet, exercise, and meditation on God’s word to release the impurities from our body, mind, and soul.

The Temple Cleanse begins Tuesday, January 19, 2021. Participants must register to gain access to all of the resources and support!


What is included in the program? 

This experience will not only strengthen your faith and communication with the Lord, but participants have shared multiple testimonies of how their physical health improved as a result of the lifestyle changes encouraged by the Temple Cleanse. 

This year's Consecration will be hosted virtually, so anyone can participate!

Registered participants in the Temple Cleanse Consecration will receive: 
- Eating Plan
- Daily Devotions
- Workout Plan
- Community and Support

It's all COMPLETELY FREE!!!!!!!

Join the Temple Cleanse today and begin preparing for transformation to take place in your mind, body and spirit. 


Temple Cleanse "F.I.T. for Life" F.I.T.ness & Wellness Workshops

ProFIT Family Wellness is excited to partner with this year's Temple Cleanse Consecration!

Participants will have access a series of Family F.I.T.ness and wellness classes throughout the consecration. These classes come alongside  the devotions to educate and encourage participants to seek the Lord to bring Faith-Filled, Intentional Transformation during this time of fasting and prayer.

The full list of classes and support provided by the #ProFITFam is listed below! 

Participants will have access to: 

- "F.I.T. for Life" Wellness Series: Four interactive, lunch-and-learn workshops to teach participants key strategies for adopting healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes in their family. 
- Keola® Flow Sessions: Christian alternative to yoga that promotes full body strength, stability, mobility and flexibility through stretching, Scripture meditation and prayer. Each session will feature gentle movement with chair-based options.
- Meditation Moments: Brief mindfulness exercises, guided Scripture meditation and deep breathing exercises.  
- Healthy Cooking Class: Interactive family cooking class to share healthy cooking tips and create a delicious Cleanse-compliant family meal. 
- Virtual Meet-Up: 3-hour immersive faith and fitness experience, including a workout, Bible study, group discussion and time for stillness and meditation. 
- Family Celebration & FITness Party: Family dance and fitness party to celebrate the completion of the 40-day consecration experience.

Classes will be facilitated LIVE (virtually), but will also be recorded for access for participants during the consecration.